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Green Choice is a compostable food services packaging brand consisting of a quality product range. Our product manufacturers have been carefully selected following extensive product testing and evaluation of companies who comply with relevant standards, certifications and who practice business sustainability.

Plant-Based Food Packaging

Green Choice food packaging is made from plant-based materials.  

  • Sugarcane - Sugarcane pulp, known as 'bagasse', is a by-product of the sugar refining industry that would otherwise go to waste.  
  • Paper – typically made from wood chips from an FSC-certified forest to ensure that the materials come from responsibly managed forests.  
  • Birchwood – Birchwood, is a non-toxic naturally strong and smooth wood resource from FSCTM-certificated forests.  
  • PLA – is a material made from fermented starchy plants such as corn, sugarcane and cassava.  

Commercially Compostable

Green Choice products are biodegradable and compostable. They are plant-based so they naturally break down and can become compost in the right conditions. This means that the remaining matter is suitable for use as compost (fertiliser) and safe to become part of the soil system. 

We always advise our clients to check in with their local council to understand the composting facilities available in their local area. All our products are certified for commercial composting. Currently, New Zealand only has 12 commercial composting facilities that are capable of composting plant-based products.

Sustainably Sourced

At Green Choice, we only provide products that are made of organic matter, it will naturally biodegrade, and, in the right conditions, it can be converted into compost. 

We use materials from FSC™ certified sources wherever possible. FSCTM (Forest Stewardship Council) verifies that forests are managed to be environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable.  

Our Green Choice manufacturers must meet our required standards. These standards align with current sustainable business practices, such as efficient energy and water use, waste and emissions management, raw material types, production quality controls, packaging types, human resource management, and sustainable practice ethics. 

New Zealand Owned and Operated

Uni-Pak is the sole New Zealand distributor of the Green Choice range of products. Uni-Pak provides Green Choice brand and product guidance and undertakes all sales, service and technical support.  

We employ an experienced sales and technical support team and manage efficient stock and dispatch systems from our warehouses in Whanganui. 

The Green Choice brand is owned by Uni-Pak, a company based in Whanganui with offices in Auckland and Christchurch.  

Operating as a distributor since 2004. The Green Choice product range is gaining recognition throughout New Zealand because of Uni-Pak’s large distribution footprint.