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Takeaway Containers

Takeaway Containers (53)

Regular Rectangle Food Pack

Item: 1500/201
Carton (500)

Regular Square Burger Box

Item: 1500/203
Carton (600)

Large Square Food Pack

Item: 1500/202
Carton (200)

Rectangle Bio Food Pack

Item: 1500/204
Carton (200)

Large Square Bio Food Pack - 3 compartment

Item: 1500/205
Carton (200)

Take Away Box KRAFT PLA - Small

Item: 1500/251
Carton (200)

Take Away Box KRAFT PLA - Medium

Item: 1500/252
Carton (200)

Take Away Box KRAFT PLA - Large

Item: 1500/253
Carton (200)

Take Away Box with window KRAFT PLA - Small

Item: 1500/261
Carton (200)

Take Away Box with window KRAFT PLA - Medium

Item: 1500/262
Carton (200)

Take Away Box with window KRAFT PLA - Large

Item: 1500/263
Carton (200)

Corrugated Burger Box

Item: 1500/303
Carton (250)

Corrugated Rectangular Clamshell

Item: 1500/305
Carton (200)

Corrugated Square Clamshell

Item: 1500/306
Carton (200)

Corrugated Clam Rectangle-Medium

Item: 1500/307
Carton (200)

Dessert Tub WHITE PLA - 5oz

Item: 1500/310
Carton (1000)

Dessert Tub WHITE PLA - 8oz

Item: 1500/311
Carton (1000)

Dessert Tub WHITE PLA - 12oz

Item: 1500/312
Carton (1000)

Paper Portion Cup - 2oz

Item: 1500/316
Carton (5000)

Green Choice Bio Portion Cup 2oz

Item: 1500/317
Carton (2000)

PET Portion Cup Lid 2oz

Item: 900/160
Carton (2000)

Sandwich Box KRAFT PLA - Medium

Item: 1500/401
Carton (500)

Corrugated Tray - Small

Item: 1500/661
Carton (500)

Corrugated Tray - Medium

Item: 1500/662
Carton (240)

Corrugated Tray - Large

Item: 1500/663
Carton (240)

Bio 2-Comp Flat Lid Clam Med

Item: 1500/206
Carton (500)

Single Wall Soup Bowl PLA - 8oz

Item: 1500/151
Carton (1000)

Single Wall Soup Bowl PLA - 12oz

Item: 1500/152
Carton (500)

Single Wall Soup Bowl PLA - 16oz

Item: 1500/153
Carton (500)

CPLA lids 8oz soup bowls WHITE

Item: 1500/156
Carton (1000)

CPLA lids 12/16oz soup bowls WHITE

Item: 1500/157
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Take Away Base 500ml

Item: 1500/221
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Take Away Base 650ml

Item: 1500/222
Carton (500)

RPET Lid for 500ml / 650ml Take Away Base

Item: 300/430
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Take Away Base 750ml

Item: 1500/223
Carton (500)

RPET Lid for 750ml Take Away Base

Item: 300/431
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Food Box 850ml Single Compartment

Item: 1500/231
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Food Box 850ml 2 Compartment

Item: 1500/232
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Food Box Lid for 850ml

Item: 1500/236
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Food Box Lid for 1000ml

Item: 1500/237
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Food Box 1000ml Single Compartment

Item: 1500/233
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Food Box 1000ml 2 Compartment

Item: 1500/234
Carton (500)

Corrugated Hot dog Box

Item: 1500/309
Carton (200)

Kraft Noodle Box - 16oz

Item: 1500/271
Carton (500)

Kraft Noodle Box - 26oz

Item: 1500/272
Carton (500)

Kraft Noodle Box - 32oz

Item: 1500/273
Carton (500)

Kraft Chip Cup - 12oz

Item: 1500/281
Carton (1000)

Corrugated Chip Box

Item: 1500/667
Carton (500)

Green Choice Kraft Soup Bowl - 26oz

Item: 1500/294
Carton (500)

Green Choice Kraft Soup Bowl - 32oz

Item: 1500/295
Carton (500)

Green Choice Kraft lids to suit 16oz soup bowls

Item: 1500/296
Carton (500)

Green Choice Kraft lids to suit 26/32oz soup bowls

Item: 1500/297
Carton (500)

Green Choice Kraft Soup Bowl - 16oz

Item: 1500/293
Carton (500)

Takeaway Containers

Here at GreenChoice NZ, we stock an extensive range of food packs, boxes and takeaway containers made from sustainable, biodegradable and compostable card or plant-based CPLA. They're an excellent alternative to petroleum-based plastic or styrofoam.

If you have any questions about our sustainable packaging products, just reach out to our New Zealand team at 0800 864 725. We'll be more than happy to help you on your business' journey to sustainable choices.

Food Packs and Burger Boxes

Takeaway Containers

These compostable food packs and boxes are made from natural sugarcane fibre, a sustainable byproduct of the sugar manufacturing process.

We add a food-grade chemical to ensure that they are water and oil resistant, keeping your staff and customers' hands and clothes clean from unwanted spills and leakage. These sturdy containers are suitable for both microwave use and refrigeration, making them exceptional choices for takeaway foods or catered events.

The sugarcane fibre used in these containers is a healthy, non-toxic material that meets FDA specifications for food products. It will degrade naturally in a landfill and can also be commercially composted.

They're a far more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and styrofoam takeaway containers, which cannot be recycled and take a long time to break down, harming the ecosystem in the process. We offer our takeaway packs and boxes in various sizes and dimensions, including versions with segmented internal compartments. They're sure to meet all your business' needs for takeaway containers in a safe, responsible, eco-friendly way.

Take Away Kraft Boxes

Available in three different sizes, our takeaway kraft boxes are made from cardboard and extremely popular in the New Zealand market. They come preconstructed and are easy to close and seal, saving your employees' valuable time.

These boxes are made with card and lined with plant-based PLA to prevent leakage and serve as a barrier to oils and sauces. Because food contamination is thus not an issue with these boxes, they will break down into plant matter in landfill or naturally composted in a commercial composting centre.

Kraft Takeaway Boxes with Windows

Our range of cardboard snack boxes are easy to seal. With natural card and plant-based PLA liners, they're resistant to leakage and highly durable.

The window is constructed from PLA plastic, which means that these products are still compostable and allow you to view food inside. An easier way for your customers to select products and to determine during inspection that everything is as it should be.

They are available in small, medium and large sizes, as well as medium-sized Kraft PLA sandwich boxes.

Kraft Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Our range of kraft cardboard boxes come in a variety of sizes and dimensions for different specifications. They can be recycled if not contaminated with food waste and are commercially compostable.

As they contain no PLA lining, there is no moisture resistant lining inside. They have a simple click table design, allowing for easy and reliable lid closure. They can be sent to landfill and under the right conditions will break down into plant matter or convert into compost.

For our clamshell boxes include lids with vents that can be opened to help steam escape, preventing moisture build up and your food becoming unpleasantly soggy and stopping you from scalding yourself with hot steam. We have a 1mm thick F-flute offering a light yet sturdy feel to the containers.They come in various sizes, from hot dog boxes to clamshells to noodle boxes and more burger boxes.

Dessert Tubs

Our white cardboard dessert tubs are made from card and lined with plant-based PLA. They will break down into harmless plant matter in a landfill and are commercially compostable.

They're excellent for a variety of dessert options, including ice creams but also other dessert varieties. We stock them in 5oz, 8oz and 12oz sizes.

Portion Cups

We stock two varieties of 2oz portion cups - one is made from 100% paper and the other is made from sugar cane. Our Bio portion cups, made from sugarcane, are mixed with a food grade chemical making them oil proof and water resistant.

We also stock portion cup lids made from PET for our Bio portion cups, to ensure that the items stay within. This spill resistant format is ideal for takeaway sauces.

Corrugated Trays

Made from Kraft cardboard, our trays are compostable both at home and commercially and can be recycled if they have not been contaminated with food waste. Like our other corrugated products, they do not contain a moisture-resistant PLA lining. They are useful for serving large, flat food dishes and are available in three sizes.

Single Wall Soup Bowls

These bowls are made from appealing white card and lined with plant-based PLA to prevent moisture seepage or other forms of leakage. They are biodegradable and certified compostable. We stock our soup bowls in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz sizes.

We also have compatible crystalised PLA lids for these bowls, in two sizes - one compatible with our 8oz bowls and one for our 12/16oz bowls. They feature a good venting hole to help steam escape, preventing excessive moisture accumulation and to achieve a decent temperature.

Sugarcane Takeaway Containers


These tableware solutions are made from a natural, plant-based fibre that is part of the leftover material from sugarcane production. We do not add PLA liner to them - instead using a food grade chemical to create boxes that are both oil-proof and water resistant.

Our sugarcane based takeaway containers will naturally degrade and meet FDA specifications for food-based use. We also supply RPET lids made for safe and clear food storage for our takeaway sugarcane bases. They're great to show off food items and if they are uncontaminated they can be recycled.