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Clear Cups

Clear Cups (6)

Clear Cup PLA - 8oz

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Clear Cup PLA - 12oz

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Clear Cup PLA - 16oz

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Clear Cup Flat Lid PLA - 8oz

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Clear Cup Flat Lid PLA-12/16oz

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Clear Cup Dome Lid PLA -12/16oz

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Biodegradable Clear Cups

Here at Green Choice, we know that opaque, paper-based cups are not always the right solution for your business' needs. Sometimes, you need a transparent solution that shows off your beautiful products. That's where our biodegradable clear cups shine.

We offer both disposable cups and accessories such as lids and cup holders. These durable products are great for all your beverage packaging needs and provide a similar feel to plastic while being biodegradable and compostable. That's what makes them the better choice.

Clear Disposable Cups with Lids

Biodegradable Clear Cups

Our clear cups come in three different sizes -8oz, 12oz and 16oz. We manufacture them using clear PLA, a transparent, plant-based plastic alternative. They look and feel like a combination of regular petroleum-based plastics but are fully compostable.

These exceptional cups feature the same strength and durability your customers love while offering clear product representation. They come with excellent grip, sidewall strength and base stability.

Our clear cups are also free of any nasty, environmentally harmful petroleum-based plastics, which are bad for the planet both before and after they're used. In addition, you won't have to worry about plastics leaching into and affecting the taste of your takeaway drinks.

Clear PLA Lids

Here at GreenChoice NZ, we stock two varieties of lids for our clear cups: dome-shaped and flat tops.

Dome-shaped lids are excellent for larger servings, thicker dessert drinks or toppings such as whipped cream.

Flat lids are great if you need more compact storage or spill-proof properties. Both our categories of lids have been designed for total compatibility with our clear cups. That's why they've also been made from eco-friendly PLA, making them suitable for composting.

Paper Straws

If your customers want or prefer having straws with their drinks, we have you sorted. Our range of straws are made from sustainably sourced paper products and are held together with plant-based glues. That means that they quickly and naturally biodegrade after use.

They are available in black, natural kraft and white colours and various sizes to suit different drink needs. Whether you serve cocktails on the go or delightful dessert concoctions, you'll find better straws solutions with us.

Cup Holders

Whether they're bringing back beverages for the family picnic or handling a takeaway order for an office meeting, your customers often want clear cups for drinks on the go.

You don't want to undo the effort that goes into choosing eco-friendly containers by choosing plastic-lined or styrofoam carriers. We understand this, and that's why GreenChoice has developed a line of paper pulp-based cup holders.

They can hold two or four drinks at a time and are easily carried in one hand. They're great for our clear cups and hot cups [link to hot cups page], too, making them an exceptional solution for takeaways, hospitality and catering.

What is PLA?

PLA, or 'Polylactic Acid', is a type of plastic substitute made from renewable, plant-based raw materials such as corn starch. It's environmentally friendly and requires far less energy to be moulded and shaped compared to plastic containers.

It is produced from the waste of agricultural produce that would otherwise be simply discarded or burned. That means that when you make the switch to PLA, you help to preserve our planet's rare and limited natural resources.

As producers require far less fossil fuel to manufacture PLA than traditional plastics, it has a lower impact on climate change and air pollution from Day 1.

These benefits continue after our PLA cups have been discarded. Plastics are often burned to dispose of them, which results in the release of toxic compounds into the air. In contrast, PLA does not release any harmful substances when incinerated - meaning it's better for the health of our planet and communities.

In addition, unlike traditional petroleum-based plastics, which are non-recyclable and can take hundreds or thousands of years to break down, PLA is biodegradable and commercially compostable.

That means that when you make the switch to clear, PLA-based cups, you help to prevent landfills from overflowing, plastics from being washed into the ocean and harming marine life and toxic chemicals and microplastics from entering our environment.

Best of all, this eco-friendliness does not come at any cost to the takeaway drink experience. These affordable, disposable transparent PLA cups act, feel and look just like regular petroleum-based plastics. They're suitable for juices, iced coffees, frappes, and even alcohol. Your customers won't have to compromise on enjoying their beverages when they choose to shop in a way that's better for the planet.

Single-use packaging has raised many concerns about its contribution to environmental harm, climate change and excessive waste. With our GreenChoice PLA-based clear cups, you'll be able to serve up tasty drinks worry-free. Send a clear signal to your customers about your commitment to protecting the environment and why you're the right choice when it comes to better beverages.

The GreenChoice team is always happy to help if you have any questions or concerns about our products. Please reach out to us at 0800 864 725 to learn more about our PLA-based clear cups and accessories.