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Paper Bags

Paper Bags (6)

Checkout Bag - Small

Item: 1500/900
Carton (250)

Checkout Bag - Medium

Item: 1500/901
Carton (250)

Checkout Bag - Large

Item: 1500/902
Carton (250)

Flat Handle Checkout Bag - Small

Item: 1500/910
Carton (250)

Flat Handle Checkout Bag - Medium

Item: 1500/911
Carton (250)

Flat Handle Checkout Bag - Large

Item: 1500/912
Carton (250)

Brown Paper Bag Products

Bid farewell to single-use plastics and provide your consumers with better options for carrying their purchases with our brown paper bag range.

Our paper checkout bags and flat handle bags are entirely biodegradable, compostable and sourced from sustainable forests. That makes them an exceptional alternative to environmentally harmful petroleum-based plastics, which cannot be recycled.

Our Kraft Paper Products

Here at GreenChoice NZ, we make our paper bags from heavy-duty Kraft paper.

The word 'kraft' comes from the German for 'strength' and refers to the manufacturing process of this superior paper product.

Kraft paper is made from wood pulp - itself a renewable natural resource. Paper manufacturing involves separating weaker lignin, one of wood's main structural components, from stronger cellulose. The Kraft manufacturing process strips away more lignin, resulting in a stronger end product. That's why our bags are so sturdy and durable.

Why Use Our Paper Bags?

There are many reasons why paper bags are the better choice for your business.

Our GreenChoice NZ kraft paper bags are sturdier and more durable than plastic bags, which will mean that you will have to spend less on replacing damaged products. In addition, an increasing societal push away from single-use plastics means that by switching to paper bags, your business will be staying ahead of the game. You'll be well-prepared if any legislative bans on single-use plastics are pushed through and will also be able to appeal to your customers' increasingly eco-conscious approaches to their shopping.

Paper bags are also far better for the environment than their petroleum-based plastic counterparts. They're made using pure wood, which is why they are entirely recyclable, reusable, biodegradable and compostable.

Plastic bags, on the other hand, take years to decompose naturally. When they do break down, they leach toxic chemicals and microplastics into the ecosystem. They are frequently eaten by land or marine animals that mistake them for food, which means that these microplastics travel up the food chain - back to us. When they remain in the soil, these plastic components can damage the fertility of the land.

In contrast, when paper bags break down, they turn into natural plant matter, which can help fertilise the soil!

A Better Checkout Bag - Small, Medium and Large

The GreenChoice range of checkout bags are sturdy, durable and can handle heavy shopping loads with ease. We stock them in various sizes to suit diverse businesses - from supermarkets to dairies, farmers markets and more.

As our bags have flat bottoms, they're easier to load and store, helping speed up checkout processing times. Plus, we also offer a range of checkout bags with flat handles. Your customers are sure to appreciate the improved convenience and environmental friendliness our GreenChoice checkout bags provide.

They are available in the following dimensions:

  • Checkout Bag - Small (225W x 310H (140 gusset))
  • Checkout Bag - Medium (280W x 325H (150 gusset))
  • Checkout Bag - Large (305W x 450H (175 gusset))
  • Flat Handle Checkout Bag - Small (280W x 285H (120 gusset))
  • Flat Handle Checkout Bag - Medium (300W x 310H (175 gusset))
  • Flat Handle Checkout Bag - Large (320W x 340H (175 gusset))

The 'gusset' refers to the indented fold seen on the side or the bottom of a paper bag. It allows the bag to expand when loaded, making it easy to store and handle large shopping loads.

Better For Your Business

While many people might associate brown paper bags with grocery stores from days gone by, they're a highly beneficial resource for all kinds of businesses. And because our checkout bags come in such a large variety of sizes, you're sure to find exactly the right product for your audience.

Our durable paper bags work excellently for groceries, produce stores and larger dairies. As the large supermarket brands have already switched away from single-use plastics, you'll be able to remain competitive by signalling to your customers that your store is also invested in protecting the environment.

They are also great for liquor stores, where their durability makes them an excellent choice for carrying fragile yet heavy glass bottles. Their rustic, natural appearance makes them an appealing option for bookstores, boutiques, and shops targeting eco-conscious modern consumers.

Our small checkout bags are even suitable for bakeries and farmers market stalls! As you can see, the applications of our sustainable paper bags are limited only by your imagination.

Our biodegradable paper bags offer a considerable range of benefits to your consumers, business and the ecosystem alike. If you have any questions about them or our range of compostable and biodegradable food and beverage packaging products, please contact the GreenChoice NZ team at 0800 864 725.