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Paper Straws

Paper Straws (6)

Paper Straw Straight - 6mm White

Item: 1500/701
Carton (1000)

Paper Straw Straight - 6mm Kraft

Item: 1500/702
Carton (1000)

Paper Straw Straight - 8mm White

Item: 1500/703
Carton (1000)

Paper Straw Straight - 8mm Kraft

Item: 1500/704
Carton (1000)

Paper Straw Straight - 5mm Black

Item: 1500/705
Carton (10 000)

Paper Straw Straight - 6mm Black

Item: 1500/706
Carton (1000)

Paper Straws

Our paper straws are made from entirely sustainable paper and plant-based glues. That's why they're an undeniably superior alternative to petroleum-based plastic straws.

At GreenChoice, we don't use any plastics in our straws at all - no plastic linings or moisture barriers. They'll ensure your customers get convenient, hygienic access to their drinks without plastic contamination or damage to the environment. That's why these straws are the better choice for any hospitality business.

Just read on to learn more about the benefits our paper straw products can offer your business.

Paper Straw Straight Range

Paper Straws

The Green Choice NZ team stocks a wide range of paper straws, including different sizes and colours. That makes it easy for you to choose the right ones for your brand.

Try our natural, rustic looking Kraft paper straws to send a clear signal of your environmental commitments. Our classic white paper straws are a Kiwi favourite, while our contemporary black ones are great for a sleek, modern style.

We have straws ranging in dimensions from 5mm - perfect for cocktails and smaller drinks- all the way up to 8mm. These larger straws are excellent for heavier, more viscous beverages like creamy coffees, frappuccinos and milkshakes.

At GreenChoice, we make all of our straws from sustainably sourced, naturally compostable paper and plant glues. That means they hold up well to short term use while degrading into paper pulp afterwards.

They come in the following colours and sizes:

  • Paper Straw Straight - 5mm Black
  • Paper Straw Straight - 6mm Black
  • Paper Straw Straight - 6mm White
  • Paper Straw Straight - 6mm Kraft
  • Paper Straw Straight - 8mm White
  • Paper Straw Straight - 8mm Kraft

The Problem With Plastic Straws

Plastic straws are a serious problem for the planet. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their devastating effect on ecosystems and their significant contribution to landfill overflow. It's not just shifting customer choices that your business needs to be conscious of, either. Many cities are now banning single-use plastic straws. That is why any growing hospitality or F&B enterprise must consider alternatives to single-use plastic straws.

In the USA alone, over 330 million plastic straws are used and discarded every single day - that's more than one straw for every person in the country! Because plastic straws can't be recycled, they end up either in the landfill, where they can take thousands of years to break down, or worse - in the natural environment.

That can be a big problem. Plastic straws often end up washed into bodies of water like rivers and eventually enter the ocean. There, marine animals like turtles and seabirds mistake them for food and eat them or feed them to their young.

But these plastics don't just stay in dead seagulls. When plastic begins to break down, it sheds toxic chemicals and microplastics. Animals low down on the food chain, such as plankton, often end up consuming these microplastics - which means that, eventually, they make their way back to you in the form of your fish and chip dinner.

Paper Straws

Activists and governments worldwide have been urging companies to find sustainable, responsible alternatives to single-use plastic straws. In addition to options like metal or even pasta, paper straws have become a popular plastic alternative due to their durability, affordability and environmental friendliness.

Our paper straws are as practical as they are plastic-free. They are the superior solution if your company prefers or needs to use straws, whether for hygiene reasons or due to disabilities. They're entirely carbon natural and much better for the environment.

If your customers prefer straws and reusable straws aren't options, for instance, due to hygiene restrictions or if you serve takeaways, our carbon-neutral paper straws are exceptional alternatives. They don't feature a plastic lining, which means that they can be sustainably recycled or composted without hurting the environment in the process.

Here at GreenChoice NZ, we test all of our paper straws to ensure that they're moisture-resistant without the need for plastic-based waterproofing layers. Unlike plastic straws, which can take millennia to degrade naturally and leach toxins into the ecosystem as they do, our paper straws can decompose in as little as a matter of weeks!

Plus, just making a move to paper straws automatically reduces the number of plastic straws in use. Few environmental moves offer so immediate an impact. Shifting to paper straws will also signal to your customers that you're committed to making a difference to the environment, which could help drive your business. It means you’ll also be ahead of the curve if local legislation outlaws single-use plastic straws entirely, sparing you trouble down the line.

At GreenChoice NZ, our team is dedicated to providing you with high-quality, affordable food and beverage packaging solutions that are better for your business and the environment. If you have any questions about our paper straws, we're happy to help. Please contact us at 0800 864 725.