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Hot Cups

Hot Cups (15)

Single Wall Cup PLA - 4oz

Item: 1500/381
Carton (1000)

Single Wall Cup PLA - 6oz

Item: 1500/382
Carton (1000)

Single Wall Cup PLA - 8oz

Item: 1500/331
Carton (1000)

Single Wall Cup PLA - 12oz

Item: 1500/332
Carton (1000)

Single Wall Cup PLA - 16oz

Item: 1500/333
Carton (1000)

Double Wall Cup PLA - 8oz

Item: 1500/341
Carton (500)

Double Wall Cup PLA - 12oz

Item: 1500/342
Carton (500)

Double Wall Cup PLA - 16oz

Item: 1500/343
Carton (500)

Ripple Wall Cup PLA - 8oz

Item: 1500/351
Carton (500)

Ripple Wall Cup PLA - 12oz

Item: 1500/352
Carton (500)

Ripple Wall Cup PLA - 16oz

Item: 1500/353
Carton (500)

CPLA lids 8/12/16 cups WHITE

Item: 1500/371
Carton (1000)

Sugar Cane Lid

Item 1500/110
Carton (1000)

CPLA lids - White - 6oz

Item: 1500/384
Carton (1000)

CPLA lids - White - 4oz

Item: 1500/383
Carton (1000)

Biodegradable Hot Cups

Kiwi consumers are born coffee lovers, but they're also becoming increasingly aware of the waste that morning flat white or long black creates. With more coffee drinkers choosing cafes and producers that make environmentally friendly choices, it's a great time to switch to our compostable, biodegradable hot cups. They're better for your business and the planet.

Why GreenChoice?

We offer high-quality, compostable food and beverage packaging. Our products are made from plant-based fibres such as wood, sugar cane, bamboo or cornstarch, making them far better for the environment than plastics. They don't contain any petroleum-based plastics, inks or chemical dyes. It's unlikely consumers will ever switch away from convenience altogether, so we believe in empowering people to use the least harmful consumable options. GreenChoice NZ only works with companies that comply with environmental standards, certifications and actively practice business sustainability. We regularly inspect our production facilities, control procedures, and shipments to ensure that our products maintain the highest quality and consistency, from the factory floor to the warehouse.

The Problem With Disposable Coffee Cups

While disposable paper coffee cups might seem to be a sustainable option, they often have more environmental consequences than you might think at first glance. Many such cups are coated with a petroleum-based plastic resin to make them more durable, insulate their contents and prevent coffee from leaking through the paper. However, this plastic coating comes with numerous consequences. It cannot be recycled and does not break down easily, meaning that these cups can languish in landfills for decades. When the plastic does break down, it sheds microplastic particles into the ecosystem, which find their way into the food chain - including the food on our plates! In addition, most paper cups are made from virgin paper from old-growth forests rather than recycled material. This means that trees have to be cut down just to produce them, and this deforestation can leave animals without their homes and even worsen the effects of climate change. Compostable, biodegradable hot cups lined with a plant-based material are thus a far better alternative for your disposable drink packaging needs.

Our Coffee Cup Range

We offer an extensive range of environmentally responsible disposable coffee cups and accessories. These include single-, double- and ripple-wall hot beverage cups, lids, cup sleeves, holders and much more. All of our cups are made from card and lined with plant-based plastic for waterproofing and insulation. After use, they can be sent either directly to a landfill, where they'll break down into natural plant matter, or to a commercial composting centre to be made into compost.

The Difference Between Single and Double Wall Coffee Cups

As they're only made from a single layer of card, single wall coffee cups require less paper and energy to produce than their double wall counterparts. The comparative lightness of these cups also means they can fit into more compact pallets and cartons, reducing emissions from transport. However, the extra layer and texturing on double wall cups aren't without benefits of their own. The added insulation of double wall cups can protect your consumers and staff from potential scalds or burns caused by hot drinks. If you do decide to use single wall biodegradable hot cups, we suggest investing in cup sleeves for safety purposes.

Single Wall Hot Cups

An excellent economy option, our single wall hot cups are highly popular in the New Zealand market.

Double Wall Hot Coffee Cups

Fantastic insulation properties with no sleeves required. These double walled cups are made with two layers of card. We also have ripple wall hot cups, offering extra grip.

Coffee Cup Sleeves

If your consumers or baristas need extra safety when handling hot drinks in our single wall hot cups, our cardboard sleeves are a great solution.

Coffee Cup Lids

The last thing your customers want is to spill coffee over their office wear when they get their morning latte. We have lids made from sugarcane and crystallised PLA. Sugarcane is a renewable resource, yielding annual harvests. We use the fibre that remains after the stalk is processed by sugar producers and mould it into strong, certified biodegradable and compostable food packaging products. Our CPLA lids are compostable and will naturally break down in a landfill, under the right conditions. These solid and durable lids contain no petroleum-based plastic, snap on tightly with a strong seal and good venting hole.

Cup Holders

Do you often have to cater to large coffee orders? Our pulp-based cup holders can fit either two or four drinks. Plus, you can easily carry them with just one hand.

Make The Switch

Our food packaging products are better for your clients, the environment and your business. If you'd like more information about our compostable, biodegradable hot cups, please get in touch with the GreenChoice team at 0800 864 725.