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Our Compostable Containers are friendly to the environment when discarded. This tableware is made from a natural plant fibre that comes from sugar cane. This product does not have a PLA liner. A food grade chemical is added and the end result is a product that is oil proof and water resistant, and fit for microwave use and refrigeration. This is a non-toxic and healthy material which degrades naturally. Manufactured under ISO9001 regulations, these products meet FDA specifications for use in food applications.

Sugarcane Containers (8)

Regular Rectangle Food Pack

Item: 1500/201
Carton (500)

Large Square Food Pack

Item: 1500/202
Carton (200)

Rectangle Bio Food Pack

Item: 1500/204
Carton (200)

Large Square Bio Food Pack - 3 compartment

Item: 1500/205
Carton (200)

Green Choice Bio Portion Cup 2oz

Item: 1500/317
Carton (2000)

Regular Square Burger Box

Item: 1500/203
Carton (600)

Bio 2-Comp Flat Lid Clam Med

Item: 1500/206
Carton (500)

Green Choice Bio Bowl - 8oz