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Sugarcane Containers

Sugarcane Containers (18)

Regular Rectangle Food Pack

Item: 1500/201
Carton (500)

Large Square Food Pack

Item: 1500/202
Carton (200)

Regular Square Burger Box

Item: 1500/203
Carton (600)

Rectangle Bio Food Pack

Item: 1500/204
Carton (200)

Bio 2-Comp Flat Lid Clam Med

Item: 1500/206
Carton (500)

Large Square Bio Food Pack - 3 compartment

Item: 1500/205
Carton (200)

Sugar Cane - Take Away Base 500ml

Item: 1500/221
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Take Away Base 650ml

Item: 1500/222
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Take Away Base 750ml

Item: 1500/223
Carton (500)

RPET Lid for 500ml / 650ml Take Away Base

Item: 300/430
Carton (500)

RPET Lid for 750ml Take Away Base

Item: 300/431
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Food Box 850ml Single Compartment

Item: 1500/231
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Food Box 850ml 2 Compartment

Item: 1500/232
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Food Box 1000ml Single Compartment

Item: 1500/233
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Food Box 1000ml 2 Compartment

Item: 1500/234
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Food Box Lid for 850ml

Item: 1500/236
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Food Box Lid for 1000ml

Item: 1500/237
Carton (500)

Green Choice Bio Portion Cup 2oz

Item: 1500/317
Carton (2000)

Sugarcane Takeaway Containers

If you're looking for a high-performing, environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic or styrofoam food packaging products, our sugarcane takeaway containers are an excellent choice. As sugarcane is a biodegradable resource that yields new annual harvests, it is a highly renewable material that's much better for the planet.

About Our Sugarcane Containers

Sugarcane Takeaway Containers

Our sugarcane containers are made using the plant fibre that remains after sugar producers extract juice from the stalk of the sugarcane plant. We take this fibrous matter, known as 'sugarcane bagasse', and turn it into a paper-like substance used to form strong, attractive compostable and biodegradable food packaging products.

We do not use a PLA liner in our sugarcane tableware - instead, we add a food-grade chemical to create an oil-proof, water-resistant end product that is fit for microwave use and refrigeration. These sturdy containers are non-toxic and degrade naturally in a landfill while also being suitable for commercial composting.

Our RPET Lids

Whether you want to keep food nice and warm on the go, display products packaged for takeaway sizes or avoid unwanted spills, our Recyclable Polyethylene Terephthalate (RPET) lids are a great complement to our sugarcane bases.

Our lids are excellent for clearly presented food storage. They're designed for total compatibility with our sugarcane containers, making them ideal for displaying food such as sweets, salads and other delicacies. If uncontaminated, they're a recyclable plastic.

Sugarcane Bagasse

Unwanted sugarcane stalks are usually simply burnt in the fields, where it contributes to air pollution. Instead of merely burning these stalks or throwing them away, here at GreenChoice, we extend its life cycle by using it to manufacture eco-friendly food packaging products.

The Benefits of Sugarcane

Because sugarcane is an entirely natural, plant-based resource, our sugarcane takeaway containers are completely biodegradable. In fact, sugarcane can biodegrade within as little as three months.

In contrast, plastic takes hundreds, if not thousands, of years to break down in landfills, leaving behind toxic chemicals and microplastics. These substances damage the soil, wildlife, and when they inevitably move up the food chain, human beings.

When you consider that plastics take up nearly a quarter of the available space in most landfills, making the switch to rapidly biodegradable products like sugarcane means that you're helping to minimise your business' impact on the environment. That way, you'll help make the planet better for future generations.

Sugarcane bagasse also requires less energy to manufacture compared to plastic, making it a more energy-efficient resource. By making the switch to sugarcane-based products, you're playing your part in reducing production and energy consumption.

It's not just energy that sugarcane saves. Billions of tons of sugarcane are produced each year, meaning that millions of tons of unused fibre are left behind afterwards. Using bagasse to create takeaway containers gives a new purpose to an otherwise wasted natural by-product.

When sugarcane grows, the plant captures atmospheric carbon and turns it into food. That means that by switching to sugarcane takeaway containers, you're using a material that actually helps actively fight climate change!

Sugarcane is better for the environment - and your business. This incredible natural material is strong, durable, microwave and refrigerator safe and can withstand high temperatures, too. Some studies have even suggested that sugarcane's porous nature means that it can absorb more moisture, increasing the shelf life of fruit and vegetables!

Why Plastic or Styrofoam?

You might be wondering why making the switch away from plastic-based products is necessary. Plastics are made from fossil fuels, which means that their production process inherently contributes to climate change.

In addition, while sugarcane fibre naturally and rapidly biodegrades, even in landfills, plastics are non-recyclable and take hundreds, if not thousands of years, to break down. As they break down, they also release toxic chemicals and microplastics. These pollute the soil around them and, when washed into waterways, can damage marine life. Worst of all, as they often end up ingested by animals low in the food chain, they frequently return to us in the form of the food we eat.

Compare this to sugarcane bagasse, which turns into a nutrient-rich fertiliser as it decomposes, enriching the soil with compounds that plants love.

If your business currently uses styrofoam or plastic for its packaging options, sugarcane is the clear environmentally superior option. This eco-friendly, renewable, durable material will show your consumers your commitment to protecting the planet and making the right kind of impact.

Are you interested in learning more about our sugarcane containers or other biodegradable, compostable products? Please get in touch with the GreenChoice NZ team at 0800 864 725. We'll be more than happy to help.