Why should we use paper bags instead of plastic?

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With growing awareness of the need to protect the environment, people have increasingly begun to debate whether we should use paper bags instead of plastic. Many places lack the proper infrastructure for disposing of plastic bags. Like many other single-use plastics, a vast majority of them still end up in landfills or get washed into the oceans, where they pose a significant danger to marine wildlife. When you factor in the biodegradability of paper bags and their superior production process they easily stand out as the better choice. Just read on to learn about the advantages paper bags offer the planet. 

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A Shorter Lifespan

One of the most significant advantages of paper bags is that they degrade quickly. Plastic, in contrast, can take hundreds of years to break down! In addition, because of their light weight, the slightest wind can carry plastic bags out of and away from landfills, littering natural landscapes and bodies of water. 

When plastic bags do break down, they shed chemicals known as microplastics. Scientists have found these microplastics in the soil, the air, and even in the blood and bodies of animals - including the ones that end up on our plates. 

Paper, on the other hand, can be composted. This means that in addition to not releasing toxic chemicals into the soil, paper bags can actually fertilise it!


Sustainable Production

Some people have the misconception that producing paper bags results in extensive deforestation. However, that’s simply not the case. Many of these bags use paper from ‘production forests’, which use fast-growing trees with harvest cycles as short as five to ten years! This means that old-growth forests no longer have to be harmed to produce paper products. They’re thus far less damaging to the environment than many may assume.

Paper can also be pulped, making products made from it very easy to recycle. In contrast, most plastics can’t be recycled. Special facilities and infrastructure are usually required to do so, which many communities lack. For this reason, many plastics end up in landfills or, worse, burned, which releases toxic gases into the atmosphere.  

The need to protect the planet is becoming ever more critical, and more entrepreneurs, scientists and inventors are banding together to find ways to preserve our precious natural resources.


Stylish and Strong

With their clever design and unique dynamics, such as flat bottoms, gussets and a rectangular shape, paper bags are able to carry more items with less risk of them spilling out from the bag itself. They tend to also be sturdier than their plastic counterparts, managing both weight and pressure better.

Their sturdiness and robust design means that it is easier for paper bags to be reused compared to plastic ones. That makes them a more environmentally responsible choice, as a single bag can be used more times, reducing the need for the production of new ones. Plus, because customers will be able to bring paper bags back and use them multiple times, business owners save on the cost of new packaging when they switch away from plastic.

It’s not just their functionality that makes paper bags excel. As going green becomes an increasingly powerful cultural force, making the switch to sustainability is also seen as the more fashionable option. Our sleek paper bags have a natural design that is highly appealing and signals responsibility, premium quality and sustainability. That makes them a far more appealing option than just boring old plastic bags. 

You’ll send the right message when you bring your paper bags out to the shops with you or choose businesses that make the commitment to this superior, sustainable form of takeaway packaging.


A Better Choice For Future Generations

Protecting the planet and its beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife is a task we all need to play our part in. We’ve known for years now about the destructive environmental impacts plastics have. While there’s no easy solution to climate change, even the slightest actions add up, especially on an industrial scale. With their healthier, non-toxic composition, biodegradability and lower impact on natural resources, paper bags are far more eco-friendly than their plastic counterparts. 

Making the switch from plastic to paper will help your customers to see that you are committed to being environmentally responsible, encouraging them to choose you rather than your competitors. If you’re looking for high-quality, certified compostable and biodegradable plant-based packaging, GreenChoice is the place to turn. We offer a range of exceptional paper bags, cups, and plant-based takeaway containers in our online store. To learn more about the benefits of our products and how they can help your business, please get in touch with us at by clicking here.


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