Why do PLA Products need to be kept away from high temperatures?

We all know that plastic disposable packaging containers made from fossil fuels are not good for the planet.  That’s why takeaway food packaging made from PLA (Polylactic Acid) has become a popular choice for café owners and consumers alike. Disposable packaging products made from PLA are way better for the environment because they are made from starchy plants like corn, sugarcane, and cassava that are commercially compostable.

If you’re a caterer, a food service provider or café owner who buys PLA packaging - one thing to keep in mind is this – that PLA has limited heat resistant factors – so always make sure you store your stocks of this product away from intense sunlight or high temperature environments (even if the product is packaged in cartons). This will ensure that you maintain the product’s integrity and that your takeaway food both looks and tastes great for your customers!

GreenChoice offers a bevy of PLA products to help you serve a variety of foods and beverages in. Whether it’s soup, a sandwich, noodles, hot dogs, ice cream, or beverages, we’ve got you covered with an entire range of products!

The best part - they’re completely biodegradable and compostable, meaning 100% eco-friendly.

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