The Big Ban – 2022 - 2025

New Zealand to phase out hard-to-recycle & single use plastics


 Kiwis are among the largest generators of plastic waste globally, throwing away an estimated 159 grams of plastic waste each on an average day.

We all know that plastic waste is one of our biggest environmental challenges. It naturally degrades and spreads through land, air and water, and is extremely difficult to remove or treat, especially as it breaks down into the smallest pieces - micro- and nano-plastics

The Government’s plan is to ban certain hard-to-recycle plastics and single-use items through a phased out approach that will take affect between late 2022 to mid 2025. This will result in an estimated two billion single-use items being deferred from our landfills and our environment each year and it will improve New Zealand's recycling system. The phased out approach to banning single use and hard to recycle plastics will encourage businesses and individuals to seek reusable alternatives.


What types of plastics will be included in the ban and when will they be phased out?

Phase out by mid 2022

  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) meat trays
  • Polystyrene (PS) takeaway food and beverage packaging
  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) food and beverage packaging
  • Degradable plastic products (eg, oxo and photo degradable)
  • Plastic drink stirrers
  • Plastic stemmed cotton buds

Phase out by mid 2023

  • Plastic produce bags
  • Plastic plates, bowls and cutlery                                

Phase out by mid 2025

  • All other PVC food and beverage packaging
  • All other PS food and beverage packaging

Click here to learn more about the Government’s policy to ban single use and hard to recycle plastics in New Zealand, and how it could affect your business.

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