Sugarcane Food Packaging - Why it's good for your Hospitality business

Sugarcane takeaway containers are an excellent choice for food service businesses looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic food packaging products. Sugarcane is a biodegradable and renewable material that is much better for the planet.

Plastics are made from fossil fuels, which means that their production process contributes to climate change. While sugarcane fibre naturally biodegrades, even in landfills, plastics take hundreds, if not thousands of years, to break down. As they break down, they also release toxic chemicals and microplastics. These pollute the soil around them and, when washed into waterways, can damage marine life. Worst of all, as they often end up ingested by animals low in the food chain, they frequently return to us in the form of the food we eat.


How are Sugarcane Containers made?

GreenChoice sugarcane containers are made using the plant fibre that remains after sugar producers extract juice from the stalk of the sugarcane plant. The fibrous matter, known as 'sugarcane bagasse', is turned into a paper-like substance used to form strong, compostable and biodegradable food packaging products.

Unwanted sugarcane stalks are usually burnt in the fields, which contributes to air pollution. Instead of burning these stalks or throwing them away, their life cycle is extended into manufacturing eco-friendly food packaging products.

Sugarcane bagasse requires less energy to manufacture compared to plastic, making it a more energy-efficient resource. Billions of tons of sugarcane are produced each year, meaning that millions of tons of unused fibre are left behind afterwards. Using bagasse to create takeaway containers gives a new purpose to an otherwise wasted natural by-product.

When sugarcane grows, the plant captures atmospheric carbon and turns it into food. That means that by switching to sugarcane takeaway containers, you're using a material that helps fight climate change!


Sugarcane containers are non-toxic (lined with food grade chemical)

A food-grade chemical (not PLA liner) is used to create an oil-proof, water-resistant end product that is fit for microwave use and refrigeration. So that also means sugar cane containers are non-toxic and compostable in a landfill and commercial composting facility.


Sugarcane is better for the environment - and your business.

Plastics take up nearly a quarter of the available space in most landfills, so making the switch to sugarcane takeaway food packaging means that you're helping to minimise your business' impact on the environment.

If your business is looking to lower it's environmental footprint, then sugarcane is a great option. An eco-friendly, renewable, durable material that will show your consumers your commitment to protecting the planet.

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