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Single Wall, Double Wall, or Ripple Wall Takeaway Coffee Cups - What's the Difference?

on September 27, 2021

Most coffee consumers probably don’t put much thought into how many layers of paper go into making a takeaway coffee cup. If it’s your job to purchase coffee cups for your café or takeaway, it can be confusing trying to decipher between single, double and ripple wall coffee cups.

Aside from the obvious fact that each cup type has a differing number of ‘walls’ (or layers), there are also a few differences that need to be considered between each cup.  That’s why we’ve put together some helpful facts below, so you don’t need to spend too much of your valuable time toying over which coffee cup is right for your business.


Single Wall Coffee Cups

Single wall cups are made from only one layer of card (as the name suggests). They offer less insulation for hot beverages, so they need to be used with cup sleeves to prevent the person holding the cup from burning their fingers. Single wall cups are more suitable for warm or milk-based beverages.

Single wall cups are a more economical and eco-friendly option as less paper and energy goes into making them. They are also lighter than other types of cups, so they can fit into more compact pallets and cartons, reducing emissions from transport.


Double Wall Coffee Cups

Double wall cups are made with two layers of card and offer more insulation and protection from burns.

Double wall cups are preferred by cafes, takeaways and restaurant owners because they provide more insulation without costing significantly more or using a lot more material than single wall cups. Sleeves can be used with double walled cups for extra grip and further insulation from hot drinks.


Ripple Wall Coffee Cups

Ripple wall hot cups provide the optimum in insulation properties, along with extra grip. Ripple wall cups are made from two layers of card. The top layer of the ripple wall cup is made of corrugated cardboard which means they are much more resistant to heat, so they don’t need a sleeve.


GreenChoice Coffee Cups are PLA Lined – and a greener option

All of GreenChoice coffee cups are PLA lined to prevent leakages. PLA is polylactic acid a plant based material which will breakdown into plant matter in a landfill or commercial composting centre.


GreenChoice provide a wide range of sustainable quality options when it comes to takeaway coffee cups.

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