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Plates & Bowls

Plates & Bowls (14)

Sugar Cane - Side Plate 7"

Item: 1500/100
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Dinner Plate 9"

Item: 1500/101
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Dinner Plate 10"

Item: 1500/102
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - 3 Compartment Plate 10"

Item: 1500/103
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane - Dessert Bowl 7"

Item: 1500/104
Carton (500)

Sugar Cane Bowl 12oz

Item: 1500/122
Carton (600)

Sugar Cane Bowl 32oz

Item: 1500/124
Carton (600)

Sugar Cane Bowl 18oz

Item: 1500/123
Carton (600)

Sugar Cane Bowl 9oz

Item: 1500/121
Carton (1000)

PET Flat Lid to fit 12oz

Item: 900/162
Carton (600)

PET Flat Lid to fit 9oz

Item: 900/161
Carton (1000)

PET Flat Lid to fit 32oz

Item: 900/164
Carton (600)

PET Flat Lid to fit 18oz

Item: 900/163
Carton (600)

Bamboo - Side Plate 7"

Item: 1500/500
Carton (1000)

Eco-Friendly Bowls and Bamboo Plates in NZ

Here at GreenChoice, we offer a range of compostable, environmentally responsible bowls and bamboo plates in NZ. Made from natural plant material and without any petroleum-based plastics, they're better for both you and the environment. Just read on to learn about our range of green tableware products.

Why Bamboo Plates?

Food packaging products made from plant-based materials like bamboo are free of toxic chemicals like BPA and Phthalates, making them better for the end-user.

Plastics require an energy-intensive process to produce and can take hundreds, if not thousands of years to decompose naturally. During this time, they can leech microplastics into the environment, harming wildlife in the process.

That's why consumers are increasingly looking for natural, reusable, biodegradable and compostable packaging alternatives. When commercially processed, compostable products can be returned back to the soil in a matter of months.

Widely available, versatile and sturdy, bamboo is an excellent raw material. It's also eco-friendly, renewable and can be replanted and grown again when harvested. Many species of bamboo can reach maturity in as little as a few months!

As bamboo also boasts natural antifungal and antibacterial properties, it doesn't require as many pesticides or fertilisers as other plants. It even requires less water than other trees, placing fewer demands on our limited natural resources.

Bamboo plants release oxygen while they grow, which helps make an impact on countering carbon emissions. They aren't susceptible to lengthy and polluting production processes like plastic and are naturally biodegradable and compostable.

Sugarcane Plates and Bowls

Our compostable tableware is made from natural, sugarcane-based plant fibre. They're friendly to the environment when discarded and contain no PLA-based liners.

We add a food-grade chemical to create an oil-proof, water-resistant product that is fit for microwave use and refrigeration.

These GreenChoice plates and bowls are also non-toxic, food safe and degrade naturally. They're manufactured under ISO9001 regulations and meet FDA specifications for use in food applications.

Our range of sugarcane plates includes:

  • Sugarcane Side Plate 7"
  • Sugarcane Dinner Plate 9"
  • Sugarcane Dinner Plate 10"
  • Sugarcane 3 Compartment Plate 10"

Sugarcane produces annual harvests, making it a highly renewable non-food resource. At GreenChoice, our team uses the plant fibre that remains after sugar production to create durable food and beverage packaging products that are certified biodegradable and compostable.

We make our sugarcane-based takeaway bowls with reclaimed sugarcane pulp. Our bowls are water- and oil-resistant up to 100C, microwave and freezer safe, versatile and sturdy.

They are available in the following capacities:

  • Sugar Cane Bowl 9oz
  • Sugar Cane Bowl 12 oz
  • Sugar Cane Bowl 18 oz
  • Sugar Cane Bowl 32 oz
  • Sugarcane Dessert Bowl 7"

PET Flat Lids

The last thing your customers want when buying a delicious takeaway is for it to spill all over them when they're transporting it home. Our range of flat lids are designed to fit our Green Choice sugarcane bowls.

We stock the following sizes of PET Flat Lids:

  • PET Flat Lid to fit 9oz
  • PET Flat Lid to fit 12oz
  • PET Flat Lid to fit 18oz
  • PET Flat Lid to fit 32oz

Single Wall Soup Bowls

Made out of card and lined with plant-based PLA, our cardboard soup bowls are beloved by Kiwi consumers. They can be converted to compost in a commercial composting centre or break down naturally in a landfill in the right conditions.

Our single wall cardboard soup bowls are available in the following sizes:

  • Single Wall Soup Bowl PLA 8oz
  • Single Wall Soup Bowl PLA 12oz
  • Single Wall Soup Bowl PLA 16oz

We also supply compatible lids for our soup bowls. Made with crystallised PLA, our lids look and feel like plastic but are certified biodegradable and compostable. Their tight snap-on seal ensures that your food will be kept secure and warm.

We supply the following CPLA soup bowl lids:

  • CPLA Lids 8oz Soup Bowls White
  • CPLA Lids 12oz/16oz Soup Bowls White

Bamboo Disposable Plates in NZ

At GreenChoice, we produce all our bamboo plates from compressed, unbleached bamboo pulp. Due to the unbleached manufacturing process, our plate range may feature slight colour variations.

These bamboo plates contain no petroleum-based plastic or PLA liners and, as they degrade naturally, are friendly to the environment once discarded. They're suitable for microwave use and refrigeration and can safely store hot liquids and oils. They also meet all FDA specifications for use in food applications, making them an excellent alternative to plastic or styrofoam plates.

GreenChoice disposable bamboo plates in NZ are available in the following dimensions:

  • Bamboo Side Plate 7"
  • Bamboo Dinner Plate 9”

Would you like more information about our range of eco-friendly sugarcane and bamboo-based tableware? Please contact the GreenChoice team at 0800 864 725 and we’d be more than happy to help.