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Wooden Knife

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Wooden Cutlery No Logo - Fork

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Green Choice Wooden Cutlery No Logo - Knife

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Green Choice Wooden Cutlery No Logo - Spoon

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Wooden Cutlery No Logo - Teaspoon

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Wooden Cutlery Set - Knife Fork & Napkin

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Wooden Cutlery Sets in NZ

We offer a range of wooden cutlery sets in NZ made from wood or plant-based CPLA. These well-constructed, stylish utensils are fantastic alternatives to harmful petroleum-based plastic products. They can be sent directly to a landfill, where they will naturally decompose into plant matter, under the right conditions or to a commercial composting centre to be turned into compost. If you would like more information about our eco-friendly cutlery options in New Zealand, simply read on or contact the GreenChoice team at 0800 864 725 with any questions about our products.

CPLA Disposable Cutlery in New Zealand

Wooden Cutlery Sets in NZ

Here at GreenChoice, we stock disposable cutlery products made from environmentally responsible, biodegradable and compostable certified plant-based CPLA. Our range includes:

  • CPLA Fork White
  • CPLA Knife White
  • CPLA Spoon White

Wooden Disposable Cutlery in New Zealand

We produce our wooden cutlery from dense, sustainable hardwood designed to provide a smooth, natural feel while being used.

Our GreenChoice cutlery range is available in the following variants:

  • GreenChoice Wooden Cutlery - Fork
  • GreenChoice Wooden Cutlery - Knife
  • GreenChoice Wooden Cutlery - Spoon
  • GreenChoice Wooden Cutlery - Teaspoon

Wooden Cutlery Set

These sets each feature a wooden knife and fork made from lightweight, sturdy Birchwood and a napkin made of 2ply food-grade paper. All parts of this cutlery set are biodegradable and compostable. As a comprehensive set, they're excellent for catered functions or for providing customers with cutlery that's better for them and the planet.

They pair well with our takeaway bowls and plates for an environmentally friendly food packaging solution.

Why Disposable Cutlery From Us?

Here at GreenChoice, we offer stylish, compostable and biodegradable disposable cutlery made from wood or plant-based CPLA. They're a fantastic option if you need high-quality single-use cutlery at affordable prices in New Zealand.

Wooden cutlery is sturdy, smooth and features an appealing natural aesthetic that makes it a great alternative to traditional disposable petroleum-based plastic cutlery.

CPLA-Based Disposable Cutlery

CPLA, or Crystallised Poly Lactic Acid, is a natural, low-carbon alternative to petroleum-based plastic produced from renewable, plant-based resources such as corn or potato starch.

It's just as durable as standard plastic cutlery but is far better for the planet. CPLA utensils can handle high temperatures and solid food and will rapidly decompose after being used.

Plus, as the plants that produce the starch used in CPLA are so widely available, CPLA is one of the cheapest environmentally friendly plastic alternatives around.

Our eco-friendly wooden- and CPLA-based disposable cutlery products are a safe, responsible option for your consumers. They're the perfect solution to all your hospitality business' takeaway dining requirements.

Make The Better Choice

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the products they choose to purchase and the businesses from which they decide to buy them. By making the switch to our high-quality, biodegradable and compostable disposable cutlery products, you'll be able to capitalise on a market that puts the environment first while helping to make real change for our planet and collective future.

Biodegradable plastics and wood come from renewable, carbon-absorbing plants and don't emit toxic fumes when they're burnt, which is why they are considered 'carbon neutral'. They use less energy in their production process, making them even more sustainable than their traditional plastic counterparts.

Plastic cutlery can't be recycled and frequently ends up entering the ecosystem as litter or microplastics. It also has negative impacts on our health. The chemicals that leach out of plastic have been linked to cancers, disruption of the endocrine system, impaired immune function and even birth defects. Plastic waste is also commonly eaten by animals who mistake it for food, frequently killing them in the process.

Our fully biodegradable cutlery, on the other hand, will naturally break down into plant-based matter. Making the switch is an easy way to play your part in contributing to the preservation of New Zealand's beautiful, unique natural landscape.

Our wooden and plant-based disposable cutlery products also won't take up as much space in landfills as plastics do, as they break down at a much faster rate. If you run a food or hospitality business looking to go zero waste, making the switch to biodegradable cutlery is one of the best ways of achieving your goal. Plus, our cutlery products are an easy way to signal that your business cares about being eco-friendly, making them an excellent option for picnics, parties, and other events.

Would you like to learn more about the GreenChoice range of eco-friendly disposable cutlery products? Our New Zealand team is happy to answer any questions you might have. Just contact us at 0800 864 725.