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Paper Straw Straight - 8mm White
  • SKU: 1500/703

Paper Straw Straight - 8mm White


(mm unless shown different)

8D x 200L

Inners / Quantity Per Inner / Quantity Per Carton
10 / 100 / 1000
Made from sustainably sourced paper and plant based glues, our paper straws are designed to withstand short term use and then collapse into paper pulp for quick and easy degradation once discarded. We have tested our paper straws in water and they sink from the surface to the bottom after 24 hours. This is because the water is absorbed and the paper becomes saturated and the paper sinks (check if other brands of paper straws sink, if they stay afloat then ask why). Check out our Help Desk to find out if your local council has commercial composting facilities nearby.