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Sustainable Packaging for Contactless Pick-up and Delivery

on September 02, 2022

Whether you’re operating a restaurant or a café, we know how important it is to ensure your food is well presented from the time it leaves your premises to the time it is delivered.

In this blog we’ll be talking about our corrugated clamshell containers that are great for takeaway deliveries, pick-ups and even restaurant left-overs.

If you’re serving takeaway meals or you need to pack up leftovers for your restaurant diners then don’t go past Green Choice clamshell containers. They’re a great option for both hot and cold takeaway foods.

Here’s a couple of reasons to consider Green Choice Clamshell paper-based containers:

  • We know that no-one likes a takeaway container that’s soggy, and that’s exactly why these containers are designed with vents built into the lid to let steam escape and to reduce moisture build up. Simply fill the container with food, close the lid and pop the vents down – and voila you’re done!
  • There’s nothing more frustrating than fiddly tabs that make the job of closing a takeaway container lid almost impossible. The tabs on these containers are designed so that they are super easy to close, just close the lid and the tab will click into place – can’t be any more simple than that!
  • These containers fit into the circular economy because they’re on their second life as they are made from FSC™ Recycled certified paper. This means the forest-based material in this product is recycled and no trees were cut to produce it.
  • They are also home and industrially compostable and recyclable in kerbside recycling (recyclable if they’re not too contaminated with food).

Note: as this product does not have PLA lining, it is not moisture resistant.

Green Choice clamshell containers come in three sizes:

Corrugated Rectangular Clamshell - Large

Corrugated Rectangular Clamshell - Medium

Corrugated Square Clamshell

If you would like to know out more about this product or try a sample then reach out to our team here or contact us at Talk to our team about our range of compostable takeaway packaging products on 0800 864 725.